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NameReport DescriptionFine AssessedTotal PaidBalance Due
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ABA PAC LLCANN for filed 33 days late.$3,000.00$0.00$3,000.00
African American Voters League10-P for 02/02/2002 filed 499 days late.$2,000.00$0.00$2,000.00
African American Voters LeagueEDE-P for 02/02/2002 filed 478 days late.$2,000.00$0.00$2,000.00
African American Voters League10-G for 02/02/2002 filed 471 days late.$3,000.00$0.00$3,000.00
African American Voters LeagueSUPP for 02/02/2002 filed 108 days late.$2,000.00$0.00$2,000.00
Algiers Political Action CommitteeMO for filed 3 days late.$600.00$0.00$600.00
Algiers Political Action CommitteeMO for filed 23 days late.$3,000.00$0.00$3,000.00
Algiers Political Action CommitteeEDE-P for 11/06/2018 filed 19 days late.$3,000.00$0.00$3,000.00
Athletes for Action40-G for 10/22/2011 filed 60 days late.$500.00$125.00$375.00
Baton Rouge Youth Movement10-P for 11/06/2012 filed 21 days late.$2,000.00$786.78$1,213.22
Baton Rouge Youth MovementSPEC for 10/22/2011 filed 20 days late.$3,000.00$856.61$2,143.39
Baton Rouge Youth Movement40-G for 10/22/2011 filed 60 days late.$3,000.00$856.61$2,143.39
Citizens for Cutting the Crap Out of Politics10-G for 10/12/2019 filed 1 day late.$200.00$0.00$200.00
City Council Integrity Committee PAC10-G for 02/06/2010 filed 5 days late.$200.00$0.00$200.00
Concerned Leadership Organization Unity & Tenacity10-P for 11/06/2012 filed 11 days late.$2,200.00$0.00$2,200.00
Concerned Leadership Organization Unity & Tenacity10-G for 11/06/2012 filed 41 days late.$2,000.00$0.00$2,000.00
Gretna Alliance Towards Opportunity40-G for 04/02/2005 filed 658 days late.$3,000.00$0.00$3,000.00
Jefferson Action Committee10-G for 09/30/2006 filed 18 days late.$3,000.00$0.00$3,000.00
Jefferson Safe and Strong PAC10-P for 11/06/2018 filed 3 days late.$600.00$0.00$600.00
Justin Centanni Campaign Fund40-E for 04/29/2017 not filed.$1,000.00$0.00$1,000.00
Keep Louisiana Working, Inc.10-E for 04/28/2018 filed 15 days late.$600.00$0.00$600.00
Louisiana Patriot Justice PAC40-G for 10/24/2015 filed 56 days late.$3,000.00$0.00$3,000.00
New Orleans East LeadershipANN for 10/02/2010 filed 16 days late.$2,000.00$600.00$1,400.00
Ninth Ward Concerned Citizens for ChangeSPEC for 02/01/2014 filed 8 days late.$1,600.00$0.00$1,600.00
Pelican State Liberty PACMO for filed 5 days late.$500.00$0.00$500.00
Pelican State Liberty PACMO for filed 6 days late.$500.00$0.00$500.00
Political Organization of Women to Elect Republicans10-G for 10/12/2019 filed 7 days late.$1,400.00$0.00$1,400.00
Republicans for Desi PACANN for 01/01/3000 filed 15 days late.$3,000.00$0.00$3,000.00
SEIU Local 21 Political Accountability Fund10-G for 10/12/2019 filed 6 days late.$1,200.00$0.00$1,200.00
The Alliance for Quality in Government30-P for 10/12/2019 filed 29 days late.$3,000.00$0.00$3,000.00
The Alliance for Quality in Government10-P for 10/12/2019 filed 15 days late.$3,000.00$0.00$3,000.00
The Coalition of Jefferson, Inc.10-G for 10/04/2003 filed 9 days late.$1,800.00$0.00$1,800.00
Treme Improvement Political Society10-P for 11/08/2016 filed 14 days late.$2,800.00$0.00$2,800.00
United Ballot10-G for 11/21/2015 filed 2 days late.$400.00$0.00$400.00