Louisiana Board of Ethics
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A potential violation of any law administered by the Board of Ethics can be reported by submitting a complaint to the address below:
P.O. Box 4368
Baton Rouge , Louisiana   70821

or by uploading the complaint in a PDF file format through the Ethics File Upload website

Complaints filed with the Board must be in writing and signed by the person submitting the complaint. The complaint should also contain sufficient information for the Board to determine whether a potential violation of any law within the Board's jurisdiction is presented. Complaints are confidential and it takes a vote of at least eight members of the Board to refer a complaint to investigation. Persons filing non-sworn complaints only receive notification of the final disposition of the complaint. Alternatively, a complaint may be sworn before a notary. Such a sworn complaint may be referred to investigation by a majority of the Board. Persons filing sworn complaints will be notified by the Board of any action taken on the complaint.

It is a misdemeanor to reveal any information about an Ethics Board investigation.