Electronically Filed Reports for Political Action Committee:
 This PAC is not registered for the current calendar year and was last registered in 2022.
Document FiledElection DateReport NumberFrom DateTo DateFiled Date
F200  (SORG) LA-121559 (pdf)   5/9/2024
F202  (ANN) Annual LA-119691 (pdf) (24002297) 3/6/202312/31/20232/14/2024
F300  (200P) 1/1/3000 LA-110306 (pdf) (23003587) 12/30/20223/4/20233/15/2023
F300  (135P) 1/1/3000 LA-108247 (pdf) (23001231) 10/1/202212/29/20221/31/2023
F300  (45P) 1/1/3000 LA-105406 (pdf) (22006085) 9/2/20229/30/202210/10/2022
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